Community Transportation Needs Assessment - Bystrom and Empire

The Community Transportation Needs Assessment provides a multimodal analysis for assessing the condition of the local transportation network in the unincorporated communities of Empire and Bystrom. The analysis of conditions, needs, and improvement strategies was conducted through a comprehensive technical analysis, supported by field reconnaissance, and intensive public outreach. The plan presents four mobility enhancement concept layouts, which identify proposed transportation improvements for enhancing safety, mobility and connectivity along the two priority corridors in each community:

  • Latimer Avenue (from S 9th Street to Avon Street) in Bystrom
  • River Road (from S 9th Street to Herndon Road) in Bystrom
  • Church Street (from Yosemite Boulevard to McCoy Avenue) in Empire
  • Yosemite Boulevard (from E Street to I Street) in Empire
  1. Community Transportation Needs Assessment