Regional Pavement Management Program (PMP)

Pavement management is the process of planning the maintenance and repair of a network of roadways or other paved facilities to optimize pavement conditions over the network. A Pavement Management Program (PMP) is a decision-making tool employed to assess and track existing and historical pavement condition, and it is used to make cost-effective decisions about pavement maintenance and rehabilitation treatments necessary for maintaining a network of roadways in a state of good repair.

Each year, preventive maintenance treatments are performed, based on the recommendations coming out of the PMP, to extend the life of the pavement and avoid more costly repair or replacement. A StanCOG led county-wide PMP update was last completed in 2013 to assist its member agencies. Following the last update, in July 2022, StanCOG prepared a report for each of the participating local jurisdictions, documenting the activities, analyses, results, and recommendations of the Regional PMP Update. The reports present the assessment of pavement condition, maintenance and rehabilitation strategies, including cost-effective preventive treatments.

Links to reports for each local jurisdiction are provided below.

  1. Elisabeth Hahn

    Deputy Executive Director of Planning