San Joaquin Valley Model Improvement Plan

In April 2010, the Strategic Growth Council (SGC), awarded a Proposition 84 funded Modeling Incentive Award of $2,500 to the Council of Fresno County Governments (Fresno COG). This was for the purpose of collectively improving the modeling capabilities of the eight Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in the San Joaquin Valley (SJV). The SJV Model Improvement Plan (MIP) is now in progress to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Implement a short-term Model Improvement Plan to improve each of the Valley MPO travel models' sensitivity to smart growth strategies, integrate the 4D elasticities into each model, and improve our interregional travel estimates
  • Develop adequate modeling tools for compliance with SB 375 and model new greenhouse gas reduction targets (SB 375)
  • Translate SJV Blueprint principles into Sustainable Community Strategies (SCS) for local implementation and RTP integration
  • Develop a long-term Model Improvement Plan with mode choice and tour/activity-based modeling capabilities
  • Develop land use modeling tools
  • Develop a long-term planning/model implementation plan
  • Continue Extensive Public Outreach Efforts

View the Fresno Council of Governments webpage.