Public Transportation

In a Brookings Institute study, published in May 2011, Modesto ranked 10th among the nation's top 100 metropolitan areas for how well households are connected to jobs via transit. Modesto's ranking highlights the importance of transit in the region and recognizes the great transportation opportunities afforded to the Stanislaus region's residents. The following links provide an overview of public transportation in the Stanislaus region and further describe the various processes used and studies conducted to assess the region's transit needs.

Transit Systems & Rideshare

Four transit operators currently provide public transit service to the Stanislaus region. This link will provide you with a listing of all of the public transit services available to this region. In addition, information regarding other services, such as ridesharing, vanpooling, carpooling, and commuter rail can be found at the following page: View Transit Systems and Ride Share page.

Unmet Transit Needs

Do you have an unmet transit need? Every year, as established by the California Transportation Development Act (TDA), StanCOG is required to identify any "unmet transit need" that may exist in the Stanislaus region before TDA funds are distributed to local jurisdictions for non-transit purposes. If an "unmet transit need" is identified, further determination is needed to establish whether or not that need is "reasonable to meet". View Unmet Transit Needs page.

Call for Projects & Transit Funding Information

This webpage is dedicated to providing member agencies and potential applicants with information regarding any Call for Projects for federal transit funding currently being administered by StanCOG. Information on the webpage is subject to change depending on the particular funding program and cycle being implemented. All updates will be posted on the webpage as they become available. View the Call for Projects and Transit Funding Information page. 

Transit Reports, Documents & Studies

This link will direct you to some informational resources/documents that study and evaluate transportation options in Stanislaus County and the surrounding San Joaquin Valley region. There are several grant programs, administered by the FTA, which are available for qualified public and private transit agencies to apply for. Selecting this link will direct you to the FTA’s grant programs’ webpage. Please note that each grant has different eligibility requirements for the type of agency that can apply for funding and the specific projects that may qualify under the grant program. View Transit Reports, Documents and Studies page.