Bicycle & Pedestrian

StanCOG Bicycle & Pedestrian Overview

The Non-Motorized Transportation Plan has been prepared as a countywide document but is also intended to guide efforts to improve bicycling and walking conditions at the local level in the various communities of Stanislaus County. The Plan integrates the results of the County and local general plans, the regional transportation plan, and previous bicycle planning efforts.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)

Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

StanCOG Bike & Pedestrian Safety & Education Campaign Documents

The Stanislaus County Council of Governments (StanCOG) Active Transportation Toolkit provides strategies and resources to support bicycle and pedestrian promotion and safety within Stanislaus County. The Toolkit builds on the momentum from StanCOG's Regional Bicyclist and Pedestrian Safety and Education Campaign, also known as Walk and Roll Stanislaus. The Toolkit is structured in three main sections - Funding Opportunities, Innovative Programming, and Data, Storytelling, & Communication - to help professionals and community advocates take action to promote active transportation and safety across the Stanislaus region.

On October 9, 2020, StanCOG hosted a regional active transportation safety summit using Zoom Webinar.

View a recording of the summit (MP4)