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Congestion Management Process (CMP)

In June 1990, California voters approved legislation requiring that a Congestion Management Plan (CA CMP) be developed to address congestion on California’s highways and roads.  A year later (1991), the Federal Congestion Management System (CMS) was first introduced in the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA).  StanCOG adopted its first Congestion Management Program in April, 1995 based on State of California law and the proposal in the Federal Register. StanCOG is obligated to have a Congestion Management System (CMS) to meet the recent federal requirement under 23 CFR 500.109 and 450.320.

The 2009 StanCOG Congestion Management Process (CMP) for the Stanislaus County Region (adopted by the StanCOG Policy Board on January 20, 2010), assumes that key provisions of the original Congestion Management Program remain in place and are incorporated by reference to the original CMP document, and focuses on the key elements of the SAFETEA-LU requirements and the requirements of California Government Code 65089 and U.S CFR 23 §450.320 and §500.109. The StanCOG CMP fulfills the legislative requirements of being an integrated component of a Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO’s) planning process in which a systematic progression of activities to analyze and address regional congestion is integrated in the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP) process.

Congestion Management Process (CMP) Documents

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